3 Reasons Annual Wellness Exams Are So Important

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Knowledge is power. Prevention is better than cure. A stitch in time saves nine.

There are countless adages that could be applied to this scenario. Though they may be clichés, that doesn’t detract from their message: Health management isn’t something we should be taking seriously only when there is something wrong.

Under Medicare, those over 65 are entitled to an annual wellness exam once you have accrued 12 months of Medicare Part B coverage. The cost of this annual wellness visit is covered entirely by Medicare and presents a valuable opportunity for Cleveland Family Health to evaluate your current health status and future risks, and help you manage your health and prevent disease.

Here we discuss three major reasons to make sure you keep your annual wellness exam as soon as it becomes due.

1. Build a relationship with your doctor

Your annual wellness exam is a chance to have an in-depth discussion with Dr. Keen about your family and personal history along with current circumstances that may affect your future health.

With a better understanding of your risk factors, Dr. Keen can build an in-depth picture of your health for his records. He can also help you take control of your health and understand what you can do to prevent developing illness as you age.

During your annual wellness exam, Dr. Keen will assess you for depression and cognitive impairment, as well as check your height, weight, and blood pressure. He will also provide you with health education about issues such as weight loss, smoking cessation, and activity levels that are relevant.

When you know Dr. Keen has a deep knowledge of your health, you can feel reassured that you can place your utmost trust in his care.

2. Access your personal health record

Your annual wellness visit will help Dr. Keen put together a document about your health entitled your Personal Health Record. You are able to obtain a copy of this document, which will list all of the information collected from you, including all your current diagnoses and medications.

This document is very valuable should you ever find yourself needing to attend another physician’s office or a hospital, where you can hand over your health information in an easily digestible format.

You can also give this document to any carers or adult children, who will then find it much easier to communicate your medical needs and wishes (including your wishes for end of life care) if you become incapacitated.

3. Receive your wellness schedule

Dr. Keen will provide you with a schedule of all screening programs and preventive medicine services that are relevant to your age and health status and are available to you over the coming 5-10 years.

This schedule helps you to remain totally in the loop about your health risks and which services you should access. Knowing your risks and ensuring you are taking advantage of any preventive medical services available will help you keep in control of health risks. This ensures that if there is anything to catch, it is caught as early as possible.

Make your appointment today

At Cleveland Family Health, we are passionate about preventive health and want to support all our patients in the Garner, North Carolina, area in remaining healthy for as long as possible.

It is in all of our interests for Dr. Keen to have a thorough and comprehensive insight into your family and lifestyle risks and how we can work together to best improve your health and safety.

If you are due for your Annual Wellness Exam, take advantage of this free service and make an appointment with Dr. Keen at our Garner, North Carolina office today.

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