Restore Lost Facial Volume With a Lunchtime Filler Treatment

Aging has certain predictable effects which everyone experiences at some stage of their life. For many of us that stage comes too soon! You’ve likely heard of Botox® injections to counteract facial wrinkles, but it treats only one type of line, those created by semi-permanently contracted muscles. These account for only some of the lines that likely concern you.

Another type of injection treats passive facial wrinkles as effectively and conveniently as Botox, and these use substances that occur naturally in your body, components of your skin that diminish as you age. Called dermal fillers, these gels are strategically injected to make up lost tissue volume, a major contributor to lines and wrinkles.

Cleveland Family Health chooses the Juvéderm® and Restylane® product lines for their patients interested in dermal filler cosmetic treatments. Treatments are quick and easy, with little to no downtime, making them a popular lunchtime appointment.

Targets of dermal fillers

Unlike Botox, which is primarily used on the brow and around the eyes, dermal fillers are far more versatile. As their name implies, dermal fillers add volume, so virtually anywhere there’s been tissue loss is a target for treatment. Some of the most common treatment sites include:

How dermal fillers work

Juvéderm and Restylane products are both based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the middle layers of your skin. Formulated into gels with different consistencies and spreading properties, the various products from each manufacturer have their own applications. Think of these as an artist’s palette, with every product having a different purpose.

Some gels spread smoothly from the injection point, while others stay close to where they’re applied. This gives me a range of tools to choose from to meet the needs of your face. For example, a diffusing dermal filler may be appropriate if you’re looking for more volume in your cheeks, while a static filler does a better job of filling lines and crevasses.

Naturally occurring hyaluronic acid attracts and stores moisture in your skin, so the presence of the substance in dermal fillers contributes naturally to the components that keep skin younger. There’s also much less chance of a reaction to hyaluronic-based fillers, compared with completely synthetic products.

The results of dermal filler treatments

Depending on the product, the part of the face being treated, and your skin, results can last between six months and two years. In some cases, when the effects of your initial treatment start to fade, you’ll need less filler for subsequent applications.

Though dermal fillers work much differently than Botox, these can be combined to take out both passive and active wrinkles, resulting in dramatically reduced signs of aging. There’s no need to worry about appearing to have “work done.” Contemporary fillers produce natural results in the hands of an experienced cosmetic treatment caregiver, and medical aesthetic procedures are a specialty of Cleveland Family Health.

Don’t wear the signs of premature aging on your face. Call or click to arrange a dermal filler consultation today.

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