What Are the Benefits of a Vampire Facial?

What Are the Benefits of a Vampire Facial?

Have you heard about vampire facials? Are you curious about this treatment with the odd name that others seem to love? It’s becoming very popular, and for very good reason. A vampire facial uses your own blood to stimulate the healthy activity of your skin cells.

The process starts with an initial blood draw at our Cleveland Family Health office. Your blood is then processed in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets needed for the treatment. These platelets are very rich in growth factors, which work as an energy boost for the skin.

A microneedling procedure gets these platelets back in your face. This increases everything in the skin function from collagen to elastin while also providing antioxidant and hydrating assets. Injecting the platelets into the face of the patient tricks the brain into thinking that there was an injury, stimulating new collagen formation.

That sounds pretty good, but does it hurt?

Is there pain? Nope!

Even though it may sound painful, the treatment doesn't hurt. Also, the recovery time is not significant. Depending on how aggressive the treatment was on your skin, it may take a day or two of downtime before you´re ready to get back to your routine, but often there’s no downtime at all.

Skin rejuvenation

Now that you know what a vampire facial is, let's look at the benefits of this treatment.

As mentioned above, the main benefit of this treatment is that it stimulates collagen production, thereby rejuvenating the skin. It also removes facial wrinkles and makes your skin feel much softer, refreshing your whole complexion.

A vampire facial lessens skin folds and diminishes sagging skin. Your skin becomes tighter and develops more clarity. Also, it’s a great way to remove scar marks and spots, thereby improving your skin even more. A vampire facial improves the blood flow and develops a better overall quality of skin to fight the factors of aging.

Minimal side effects

Vampire facials are often viewed as a better alternative to Botox and other injections in the cosmetic industry.  Side effects are minimal because the injections contain a very thin fluid that causes no bruising. There is no allergy testing required because the injections contain your own blood.

The effects are long-lasting — it usually takes about 15 months before having to repeat the treatment. Also, the vampire facial can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures. And, as an added bonus, the vampire facial is much less expensive than surgery.

Despite the name, it doesn't seem too weird after knowing all of these benefits, right? Vampire facials can be a great alternative to the more painful and more expensive treatments that, on top of that, have a longer recovery time. People undergoing this procedure can expect to improve their skin tone, their skin clarity, and their skin volume.

Everyone’s skin is unique and responds differently to various treatments. If you would like to know more about what a vampire facial at Cleveland Family Health can do for you, call us or book online today to make your appointment.

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