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Are you noticing changes in the firmness and texture of your skin? If so, Marian Keen, PA-C, at Cleveland Family Health offers several aesthetic treatments that can create impressive skin tightening results for women and men in Garner, North Carolina. There’s no reason to live with the effects of aging when there are safe and effective treatment options available. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to explore your options and begin a path toward firmer, more elastic facial skin.

Skin Tightening Q & A

What are the benefits of skin tightening*?

As you age, your body naturally loses a great deal of the collagen that lies just under the surface of your skin. At the same time, your skin begins to lose its elasticity. Those factors combine to create visibly sagging skin, one of the primary signs of aging.

Skin tightening treatments work to correct those changes, restoring smoother, firmer, and more elastic skin. The end result is a refreshed and renewed appearance.

How is skin tightening done?

At Cleveland Family Health, skin tightening is performed using the Cynosure® TempSure™ Envi system. CynoSure has a reputation for developing some of the most impressive and well-reviewed laser and radiofrequency devices on the market today.

The TempSure Envi system offers consistency and real-time temperature display. Multiple accessories support a customized treatment experience. This state-of-the-art technology delivers radiofrequency waves deep within your dermis.

The treatment creates precisely controlled heat in the targeted areas, effectively “tricking” your body to respond with growth factors to produce new collagen. The treatment is painless yet incredibly effective. In fact, some people even report that they find their treatments to be relaxing.

Treatment time is usually less than 30 minutes, and you may notice results after only one treatment. The full effects of treatment will be visible after four to six weeks.

Depending on the condition of your skin and your desired results, you may need multiple treatments. Many patients are so pleased with the results that they return for touch-up sessions once or twice a year.

How can I extend my results after skin tightening?

After your treatment, take care to extend the results and prevent future skin damage by following these basic skin care steps:

  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Don’t smoke
  • Use quality skin care products
  • Get plenty of exercise

Many men and women choose to pursue other aesthetic treatments that provide skin tightening, such as medical facials, microneedling, and chemical peels. By using a combination approach, it’s possible to achieve multiple different enhancements that can help you look and feel your very best.

With proper care, you can protect your skin throughout the aging process. Schedule routine aesthetic visits with Marian at Cleveland Family Health to learn about additional treatment options that can enhance and improve your skin.


*Through soft tissue coagulation.